Using Customizable Objects In Game


This helper component can be used with an actor in order to update a SkeletalMeshComponent replacing its mesh asset with a Mutable-generated mesh. The steps to use this component are:

  1. Create an actor with a SkeletalMeshComponent.
  2. Add a new CustomizableSkeletalComponent as a child of the SkeletalMeshComponent.
  3. Assign a CustomizableInstance asset to the CustomizableSkeletalComponent.
  4. When the actor is added to a level, it should automatically show the customized skeletal mesh.

The Reference Mesh

The Reference Mesh is an Unreal SkeletalMesh asset that is used as a template to create customizable skeletal meshes. It is assigned to the CustomizableObject asset.

  • All the data that is not related to meshes and textures will be copied from the reference skeletal mesh.
  • While a customised skeletal mesh is being built, the reference skeletal mesh will be displayed.

Object States