Feature Status

Mutable has many features, but not all are at the same level of maturity. Please check the following table. If you require improvements in one specific feature, don't hesitate to contact us.

Feature Planned Testing Implemented Mature
Mesh merging      
Mesh removal of hidden parts      
Mesh texture layout packing      
Texture layer blending      
Texture projectors      
Hierarchical object system      
Object interaction variations      
Data driven user-interface      
Object States optimization      
LOD Support      
Data streaming      

Platform Support

Feature Planned Testing Implemented Mature
Windows 64 bit      
Windows 32 bit      
Linux 64 bit      
Linux 32 bit      
XBox One      
Playstation 4      

Hierarchycal Object System


Mutable organizes the data for each Customizable Object in a hierarchy of parts. Each object has a root object node that can define a base mesh and materials with some parameters. This object can have any number of child objects that can:

  • add new materials to the final object
  • extend the mesh used by a material in the parent object
  • remove part of the mesh in the parent object
  • patch the textures of a material in the parent object
  • activate user-defined Tags that can be use in sibling objects to apply different effects.

At the same time, child objects can chave thier own child objects in an unlimited hierarchy.


The children of an object can be organized in Groups. The Groups define the logic between the object and its parent in regard of how are the children activated. For instance, all t-shirt children can be grouped with an object parameter that only lets the users select one of them at a time, or none.


A big CustomizableObject can be split into several assets. This is very important when multiple users work in the same data and also for version control. There are 2 features to assist with this:

  • Child Objects can select as parent an Object Group in a different asset, instad of directly connecting them in a graph.
  • There 2 special diagram nodes to export and import connections from the graph in other assets.

This is useful for editor data, but it has nothing to do with data streaming in packaged games. Data streaming for packaged games will happen regardless the CustomizableObject is split in multiple assets or not.

Tag System